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Hello, and thanks.....

Hello everyone, and thanks for allowing me to be a part of this community, but there's something that I couldn't help noticing, which is that, from what I have read so far, that no one has posted since April and I couldn't find any links to later posts. Surely, people have been posting since April? Well I am not new to recovery since I have been a part of A.A. for well over 15 years but then I broke my sobriety date in December of 2004 but in all the years that I have been a part of this fellowship, I have realized that hardly a one of my home group really wants to talk about God; that it will turn people off, especially the newcomer. I can't understand that since all throughout the Big Book there are so many references to God; that there are so many references to the idea of God Consciousness and in fact, the section called the 'Spiritual Experience' it states that "many alcoholics agree that one must have an immediate and overwhelming sense of God Consciousness in order to recover.....". So, how can you not talk about God and yet you can ramble on about how you've had a "spiritual awakening"?.

Well, I have listened to the members of this Fellowship and others who just talk and yet, they how could they have had a spiritual awakening? Don't get me wrong and I certainly don't want there to be confusion since though we have had a spiritual awakening, it certainly doesn't mean that we are suddenly enlightened because the books says that the recovery process is not an overnight matter and that most of us develop over time, but yet, not only is there so little metion of God, there's practically nothing said about meditation and Bill knew well just how essential meditation is and yet there are so many of us who do slight it and so, if you don't meditate [preferrably with much frequency] much, how can you honestly say that you have had a spiritual awakening?
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