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Thinking vs Spirituality

Something occurred to me the other day: If AA is so aligned with the spiritual solution, why oh why, are they also so big on "Thinking". I am reminded of the 10 questions that is in the AA literature :have you ever (gotten into trouble) because of your "Drinking", but it has been a fun little mind puzzle to substitute the word "Thinking" for "Drinking"...
This is not in the Big Book (not that i put alot of stock into that book)...
but is propagated around meetings, as if to say, that "thinking" got us into trouble (which may be true).
My point is: Isn't poor thinking the main philosophy of the cognitive approach-SMART and other cognitive based treatments?

Yet the cognitive programs are so looked down upon by AA.

Another thing that bugs me. We've been hearing so much about celebrities going to rehab. Yet when they come out, they spout the 12 step model dogma (eg. Baldwin I forget which one)..Is this model still the "one".
Has nothing really changed? Is AA still the Model of Choice? And why? With only a 1% success rate. Further I believe it is outdated, as do many chemical dependency professionals.

I had 15 years sober and began drinking again...I do not blame my drinking on the weaknesses of the program, however I did begin to question it and it's claims years before.

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