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A couple of questions to stir the pot...

A. A. is not the end all be all. It seems that most of us agree on that. From previous posts in this community it seems that there ARE alternative ways to get and stay sober...SMART, WFS, therapy, faith in a HP?

It would seem that the recovery community, professionals and such know more now. Yet, how does the treatment community begin to change it's approach by introducing new models..How?

Further, I often think about the challenges of long term sobriety. Perhaps AA can sustain a recovering alcoholic /addict for so long, but what about when a person gets serious time. I see some recovering people either relapsing or grabbing into some other addiction. For eg. I know someone who has over 20 yrs. sobriety, but still goes to the same AA mtg. once a week. She is very depressed, has gained alot of weight, puts up with abusive relationships and still suffers from low self esteem. As of late she has had suicidal thoughts.Yet she is honored for having successful sobriety.

I think long term sobriety has challenges..How many sustain long term sobriety and stay content? Will re-doing the steps again fix that? or are more sophisticated tools needed?

Just some thoughts for discussion.
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