Chuck (fenris_wolfolk) wrote in recovery_debate,

A open Letter to Catconfessional and anyone else from 12 stepfree on this board

As I can't post this on 12stepfree and you don't have a listed Email I opted to post this here, even if it is off topic.

I just wanted to say I was sorry for my part in the posts that have caused so much chaos, that was not my intention, nor was it to sound like an AA recrutier, I truthfully never really read the community description, I was asked to join it by a friend so I could help to provide support for one of her friends that had just got sober, and was using that board as his most important tool at that time. Had I fully read the description, my posts would of followed the rules/theme of your community. I think providing a safe place for people to post what they are feeling and going thru is a wonderfull idea. If the AA crowd "my self included" causes people to not post then I feel you made the choice you felt best for your community. I came to this realization kinda slowly to be honest with you, as I was hurt when I got banned and then read what looked like an attack on 2 differant journals. I wish you and all those in recovery who use your board as an outlet for what they are going thru the best of luck in recovery, and truly hope that it works for them and creates the community you are looking for.

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